Wednesday, October 12, 2016

“Those who choose to be servants know the most about being free.”

- Title quote by Janette Oke

Queen X has an offer for you.
For your viewing pleasure, a new scenario is listed in the resource section.  Written some time past, this scenario is a role-play where your wife receives an offer from her friend for the use of her husband as a maid for a few days.  I wrote this as an experiment to see if Madame would be more comfortable with me serving her as a complete stranger, rather than as a changed version of myself.  In this document is an introduction, an offer letter with guidelines, an acceptance form and a chore checklist.  

This scenario is self contained and does not require the use of the uxorious game cards.  As I envisioned this, it would not involve much from the wife except maintaining, as best she is able, a mental state of entitlement and superiority.  The Crawley women in the television series Downton Abbey are fine examples of this mental state.  The expectation of good service and issuance of verbal correction (threat of termination and a poor reference could mean a life of destitution in past times) when warranted was the basis of their interaction. As I was merely a servant on loan, Madame need only enjoy herself without a care about my wants or needs.  The main focus in this scenario was to provide Madame with an opportunity to detach herself from her normal "giving" mental state and experience a state of entitled "taking".  In our case, structured experiences like this were important in learning to break away from well established marital roles.  

This scenario worked well enough the few times we used it.  We did find that maintaining the illusion of being complete strangers to each other was difficult.  It wasn't something we could do for more than a day or so.  That was fine because Madame became more comfortable with entitlement and I more comfortable with providing service without expectations.   It also led to discussion about the possibility of her loaning me out as a servant to someone in the future.  I doubt it would be as a sissy-maid, at least not at first; rather its more likely that I'd serve as surrogate househusband for a few elderly lady friends of hers.  That would suit me just fine.

Hopefully this scenario might be useful to someone else as well.  

~ uxorious mate

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